Hellion – Success!

I was working right up to the last second before midnight, but I got it done!

SS1Hellion is a mashup between a roguelike and a third-person bullet-hell rail-shooter.  Imagine Starfox but turn-based and you might get the idea.

For more information and a download link check out the release post here:


And now… I sleep.

Space Hellion – Declaration

I’m starting a little late because I flew back home from Hong Kong to London last night (hooray for jetlag!), so I’ve got some catching up to do but we’ll see how it goes.

The idea behind Space Hellion (I might drop the ‘Space’) is to make a roguelike (a proper one) that is also a bullet-hell space shooter.  It’ll be turn-based and grid-based, with your craft constantly moving forward one space per turn.  Your bullets and enemy bullets will (normally) move two spaces per turn, so you’ll need to plan your moves carefully to shoot down enemies while avoiding their fire.

I’d like to make it a 3D behind-view Starfox-y kinda thing, where your grid is on the screen and enemies come at you through the ‘floor’, but that may make it too difficult to judge distances so I’m going to work on a simple top-down version first and get that working before I introduce the third dimension.

Stuff I’m starting from:

  • My own bare-bones Java game engine assembled from chunks of my previous 7DRLs and other aborted projects.
  • SPARTAN, which I’ll be using to make some tiles (if I need them).
  • I have one or two old sprites that I might re-use, but the vast majority of the art will have to be made during the week.
  • Some sketchy notes on story and setting, which I may or may not include.

I guess we’ll find out whether I’ve actually learned the lessons last year taught me…

7DArrrL – Done!

I’m using the word ‘done’ in the title rather than ‘success’ because I haven’t totally made my mind up whether I consider this a success or a failure just yet.  I didn’t have time to do everything I wanted to do (partly because of hardware problems, but mostly just because what I was trying to do was hugely over-ambitious), but I have managed to come up with something playable, even if only as a see-how-long-you-can-survive kinda thing, and I’m quite pleased with how it turned out.

You can download the game from here: http://www.vitruality.com/2014/03/7darrrl/

Day 7 - Travelling

Completed features:

  • Clean, abstract 3D graphics
  • Realistic(-ish) sailing physics
  • Pausable-real-time control system
  • Enemy ships with pretty good combat AI (they can beat the crap out of me, anyway)
  • Crew assignment system
  • Tactical ship-to-ship combat
  • Day-night cycle

Day 6 - Dawn battle

The stuff I had to cut was mostly the stuff that would have made it more of a roguelike (procedurally generated islands, inventory system, different ship types, etc.), so while it might classify as a game made in 7 days, I’m not sure I can justifiably class it as a roguelike made in 7 days.  I’ll probably work on it some more and turn it into a proper full game after the challenge.

Day 7 - Night FireThat download link again: http://www.vitruality.com/2014/03/7darrrl/

SkullDorado – Video Review

The Game Hunter has reviewed SkullDorado! Aside from a little hiccup in the beginning due to not having the instructions for the controls (because I couldn’t bundle it with an apk meant for running on phones) this is a really good review. He does discover a minor bug that I didn’t know about and doesn’t figure out how to close doors until near the end, but I think overall he had a proper first-time run and gives the game a fair review.

I suppose if he didn’t, I wouldn’t be sharing his video everywhere. I have to give him props for figuring out a good way of running the game on a computer and now I’m considering adding controls so that if a keyboard is present, that the user can use them instead of having to swipe.