Inside Out, Day 2

shot2Probably the biggest thing I did today was a rewrite of the loading code to parse a JSON description of the level rather than a flat ASCII map – mainly because I was concerned we’d run out of single characters to express all objects in all orientations in all special cases etc. I hadn’t used JSON in C++ before; a quick bit of googling turned up jsoncpp, which worked like a charm (A+++ WOULD COMPILE AGAIN!!1)

I wrote some classes to represent rooms and items, with a generic interface to ‘interact’ with items. There are no weapons in Inside Out, but there will be lots of objects to interact with – principally by hiding inside or beneath… Though the only type I added today was the light switch: as I intended I implemented the room lights at first with vertex colouring per tile, but we also want the player to carry a light later on, and I’m quite keen to get nice looking shadows too, so I disabled it and gave the player a blended light source. I haven’t yet rewritten the room lights with blending, that’s first thing tomorrow!

Also, as you may have noticed on the screenshot I’ve added a single line of status info. The hope is by Sunday it will be overflowing with blood-curdling terror (courtesy of our final team member Adam), but for now I’m just using it to make Monty Python references.