MarioRL: Your Roguelike is in another castle

Well, I know the contest isn’t over yet but I’m calling it.  Trying to learn a brand new and extensive scripting language, this being my first roguelike and 7DRL, having no reusable code and taking certain shortcuts when I started the project sunk me.  Yesterday, I realized that I could take one of two routes:
1. Take some more shortcuts and fake the funk to meet the deadline.
2. Give up on finishing the game in time, start recoding it from scratch and make something that would do everyone’s favorite mustachioed Italian justice.

So, that’s what I’m working on now.  I’m starting from scratch with the things I’ve learned.  All in all, it wasn’t an abject failure and now I have some reusable code and concepts and a better idea of how to achieve what I want with MarioRL.  Also, I’ll be able to implement a lot more neat features that I had to scrap previously since I won’t be working with a time constraint.

I will be continuing with this project and when it’s finished I should have a leg-up on next year’s 7DRL.  Salutations to my fellow competitors and I look forward to playing some of your (hopefully) finished projects.  Cheers!

Here’s a screenshot of my reworked mapping.  I also took some time today to expand the graphics package
so the game will play out just like SMB1 from World 1-1 to World 8-4 with discernible Overworld levels, Underground levels, Mushroom levels, Bonus vine/cloud levels, special Pipe rooms with enemies and loot and Castle levels with False Bowser bosses and Bowser on the final level.
MarioRL Reworked Mapping


MarioRL (Day 3-ish)

Edit: Fixed Post title. I guess it’s still another 16 hours until Day 4 in 7DRL time. Officially, I’m about a day behind in dev time, since the first day I spent not realizing until mid-day the contest had started, then started working on the tile graphics.

Using Game Maker:HTML5 (a java based platform) to make a serious game has been interesting.  GM has grown up over the years and is starting to look respectable, especially given that Derek Yu’s Spelunky was made with GM.  GM’s main appeal to  young coders is its drag and drop functionality.  Well, you can’t drag and drop a Roguelike together with it, I’ll tell you that.

After Day 1 it was apparent I had to learn GML, GM’s native scripting language.  Why?  Because it’s a lot quicker than trying to Drag & Drop a gajillion different variables!  GML shares many similarities with Java and C++ so I’ve picked it up pretty quickly but not being familiar with all the functions and syntax has occupied a bit of my time.  I managed to create and subsequently track down two game breaking bugs today that were the result of misused syntax.

Input/Output, Graphics/Interface and Level Generation/Advancing is done.  I’m working on Enemies & AI right now.  Lastly is Items/Inventory, Experience/Leveling and then debugging and polishing it all up.

Here’s the latest screenshot: (Lives: 1/Continues: 0 is a little inside joke for the RL crowd)
MarioRL - Day 4 Dev Screenshot



Hi, everyone!  Long-time crawler, first-time 7DRLer.

So, not entirely original but as far as I could Google this hasn’t actually been done yet!  You have to make your way from dungeon to dungeon ala “Your princess is in another dungeon.”, fight Bowser in the last dungeon and save the princess.  It will include standard roguelike gameplay, fireball & star powers which last for a limited number of turns, pipes instead of stairs & classic baddies from SMB1.

I decided to use GM:HTML5 for this project, which may or may not have been a great idea since I also purchased it last week and am still figuring it out.  I’m a quick read and while some parts are going great, other parts are like… \o/

Graphics, Music & Sound are 99%.  Movement/Mapping is 50%.  Game UI/Inventory is what I’m tackling atm.  Then on to Items, Attack & Monsters.  If I don’t make it in time, I plan to finish the basic game nonetheless.

I’d like to also give a shout-out to my fellow competitors.  There is some great stuff already in the works and I look forward to playing them all!

Lastly, some screenshots: (last one is a screenshot of a glitch)
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