Mosaic 1.1 – the obligatory post-7DRL bugfixes and tweaks

The game is now complete!  Well, in truth I’ve had a few new ideas, but this release settles everything designed into the game originally.  Players should find the Es more manageable, but may find more challenge elsewhere.  The music is also a little less painful.  Downloads and full release notes:

Have fun!  And any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Mosaic complete! Grab your tiles and raise your batons…

Mosaic is successfully complete! And it’s everything I wanted it to be 😀 You lay down tiles with your movements, and enclosing areas fills them in with tiles, killing enemies within. In the last hours I managed to cobble together a procedural music engine that generates sounds based one the position of mosaic tiles on the map – AND IT SOUNDS AMAZING! Maybe I’m skewed because I thought it would sound awful, especially since I know nothing of audio or music theory…

More details and the downloads for Windows/Mac/Linux. Hover over the ‘?‘ in-game for detailed instructions, or look at the spoilers in the Escape menu for more details.

Too lazy to download? Okay, here’s a video:

Mosaic – Testers Needed

Mosaic is now already at what I can call a complete state, but I have 12 hours left and I’m still looking to add more polish, in particular sounds. However what I could dearly do with right now is an idea of game balance, and for that I need playtesters! Here’s the current build: (Windows standalone) (module folder only to work with T-Engine 1.0.0)

It’s a quick game and easy to get into, so I’d appreciate anyone giving it a quick whirl. Let me know how far you get, how easy/hard/boring you find it, and what you think of the enemy balance.  Having tested myself I feel it’s exactly the right level of difficulty, but I’ve made the serious mistake in the past of thinking that’s fine for other people :/

The only known bug at present is the laying of a superfluous tile on level change. This has been there from day 1 and in spite of many hours of effort I haven’t managed to fix it! It doesn’t change game balance at all, but it’s quite annoying >:(

Mosaic: T minus 44 hours

I have a well-tiled base now, I just need to build on it.  Mosaic now fills in patterns of tiles when you enclose a space, destroying any enemies within, and it does it rather prettily I must say!  Only two basic enemies in so far, but more will come.  There are command sequences too – do certain moves in a row and it’ll have a bigger effect.

Mosaic roguelike pattern
Measly enemy, what are you in the face of beauty?!

Want to have a play?  Well here’s the current build.  There’s still much to do, but it should give an idea of how the game will feel.  Any problems let me know!  Just Windows for now – I’ll have OSX and Linux ready on Sunday.

There’s a heavy question mark over whether or not I can get sounds in the way I want them.  Will have to see how much time I have…  But in terms of central gameplay it will all be there.  And I’m rather enjoying how this is turning out  🙂

Mosaic day 2 – My Dazzling Game of Many Colours

I have many colours!  About a million in fact, which combined with ~100 different tile outlines makes for 100 million subtly different mosaic tile types in the game.  This is, perhaps, too many, but the cull can wait.  At the moment I’m marvelling at the T-Engine’s propensity for on-the-fly tile construction  🙂

Mosaic rogue of many colours
Disco rogue, yo!

Not sure about the @ / treble clef combo.  Needs a bit of touching up at least.  The scrolling starfield may go too, but it looks kinda funky.

I’ve been listening to Pachelbel’s Canon a lot.  It represents a few of my ideas for the game.  When I get the gameplay in, that is…

Remaining plan: Floodfill of tiles in enclosed spaces, generation of enemies that rip tiles apart, level advancement, add life, add sounds.  At some point I have to think up a victory condition.