mmoRL – Massively Multiplayer Online Roguelike – COMPLETE!

It’s done!

mmoRL screenshots

mmoRL is a massively multiplayer online roguelike game. You log in to a central server and play together with other players on the server. The overworld is a safe area and everything there happens in realtime, but the dungeons and other non-safe zones are turn-based and unique per player; you will not find other players in your dungeons. However, in the overworld you can choose to party up with other players, and when you are in a party, you will visit the party leader’s dungeons instead of your own – together with the other players in your party.

The game runs under Windows (.NET) and Linux (Mono). Download it at (only ~100 KB)

(mmoRL is public domain under a CC0 license. See here for details. Long story short, you are free to do whatever you want with the game or its code without any obligations.)

Husk: Day III & IV

Last night I finished what should be the last of the framework code and merged it into master, bringing my codebase close to 15k lines before any 7DRL-specific code. Unfortunately, this means that I’ve fallen behind on my timeline and am only just now where I wanted to be at the end of the second day. The next three days are going to require a lot of hard work if I want to get a reasonably good game out there. Unfortunately, I won’t have all of them available as I have to work on part of Friday and have a guest arriving that night. We’ll see what I can manage to turn out…

Husk: Day II

Yesterday was also pretty uneventful because I had to spend the day mostly writing framework-level code. However, the framework’s functionality is now back to about where it was last 7DRL (but much more extensible).

My job today is getting the existing combat implementation back to functional levels. The system already supports some really fancy stuff, like locational damage and multiple attacks. If I have time after getting combat to a working state, I’ll probably get AI working again (it’s been disabled for quite a while).

Husk: Day I

Not a very eventful first day. I’m using my own framework for this, but I’m in the middle of some major architectural work on it that I didn’t have time to finish. You can move around and inspect actors, but a lot of basic functionality is only sort-of-implemented. After some initial setup of the game folder, I delved right into committing to a separate branch off of master for making the framework more operational. Hopefully that will be done with in a day or two…

Our first 7DRL, our first official game!

Hi, my name is Artur and I’m the level2project’s programmer. We’re very excited about this game, because it’ll be our first official game as a game studio. As I said, I’m the programmer and designer, too. Bruno is our art director and Hamlet is our “social guy”. The game is called “The Goblin’s Well”. It tells the history of Almox, a adventurer and explorer, who is sucked into a misteirously pit in the top of a hill. Down there, Almox realized that place was not just a normal water well. You have to help him to find a way out of there! For that, you’ll lead Almox through great dungeons and subterrain caves, full of monsters and treasures. Secrets of a ancient history will be revelead, and secretes about Almox’s personal life too…

Well, the challenge has started, so it’s time to code!

1- You can find more info about our game and our studio here;
2- This is the link to the subpage of the game’s development;
3- This is the future download page;
4- And this is our twitchtv channel!

We hope you like our game! Bye (:

Nights of Endless Scares – Dev Log 0

This is my first 7DRL.
I’ve only developed 1 RL-kind of game so far, so I guess I know one or two things about RL.

My game’s name is “Nights of Endless Scares”, and the idea was to make a survival horror RL. Not sure if that’s possible, but I’m gonna try to make one for this challenge.

Btw, I’m known for not able to finish any game jam’s game without being pushed.
Thus as always, I’m hoping that I’ll be able to finish this game, and on time.

Will post a new update again tonight.

Faith in RL

My first 7DRL! The past few days I’ve been working on porting the libtcod python tutorial to Unity in preparation for Saturday (tomorrow!?). It’s coming on well, fov is working nicely…fov_example1

Also touch control, monsters, items all basically working. Saving, inventory and GUI still a work in progress. Saving in Unity, grrr, so envious of python’s simple solution.

Faith in RL will swap combat with a conversion mechanic. You gain faith from your converts that increase your ability to convert more evil creatures. I have an idea that you can herd your converts so that their proximity will increase your faith also… Oh I’m an atheist by the way 😉

Using Unity may seem a bit like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut, however it means I can deploy to mobile, pc, mac and the web with one codebase. Nice. I have also written some Unity plugins that will enable me to get some revenue on anything I manage to deploy to mobile. Evil I know!