Chitinous Crooks: Success


Play in a browser now.

Well, this was my first time doing the 7DRL Challenge. In fact, it was my first time making a game. I didn’t plan anything for this in advance, and was actually caught by surprise when I realized it was 7DRL Challenge week, but I decided to go for it. And it seems like it turned out okay.

Chitinous Crooks is a very traditional roguelike in both gameplay and aesthetics. But you have no experience levels or items to help you, just a random set of god-granted abilities. Each dungeon level, you can use up to three of these, and every time you pass a level your health is restored and you gain additional abilities to choose from.

Special thanks goes to rot.js and the tutorial at the Coding Cookies blog.

Good Points

  • Fight lobsterfolk and crabfolk in an underwater fortress.
  • You can win or lose.
  • A variety of special abilities.
  • In game help screens.
  • I added touchscreen support on the last day. It’s not perfect but it even works on some tablets.

Room for Improvement and Things I Had to Cut for Time

  • I wanted some dungeon decorations. Lobsterfolk statues, moulted exoskeletons and other things to give the Sunken Citadel more atmosphere and less boxy-roomness.
  • Some nice lofi tile graphics would also have been nice.
  • Tweaking difficulty. Sometimes it feels pretty hard but other times it feels too easy. I wonder if I could even that out.
  • I’m sure there are bugs I missed. There are always bugs.

Starship Rex – Day 2

So far, I’ve spent most of my time implementing map, navigation, FOV, and a workable “entities” system — entities being all the actors in/on the map, including portals to the next level and colonist stasis pods in the walls. I’ll be frank, most of my coding time has been learning the nuances of rot.js and devising the best way to track/draw actors. I’ve really only had about 8 hours total to work due to cascading social obligations over the weekend. Will be coding during lunch hours and after work through the week. Hopefully it will be playable by Saturday.

Here’s a video I made after day 1.