Kepler-10b: A finishing touch


Player Shooting enemy, HUD is visible.
Player Shooting enemy, HUD is visible.

The more I work on this game, the more simple and arcade-ish I’m trying to push it. There’s just something special about that laser sound when I destroy an alien from afar…m…Currently there are only a few things that I have yet to finish.

  • Kepler-10b is treating maps as dungeons, instead of going down and up it would make more since to go East,North,South, and West.
  • (BUG) I implemented Bresenhams LOS and it’s causing strange diagonal artifacts (viewable sectors that shouldn’t be viewable)
  • Implement party-system (simple, just add NPCs that follow user and displace them with user when user walks in their direction.
  • Replace stats leveling up system with a party leveling up system to increase all party members stats.
  • Replace medieval-style armor and weapons with functional futuristic weapons (Based off star-trek weapons, and modern space suit types)
  • Continue searching for bugs.

So perhaps I have quite a few things. I work better under pressure anyways haha.

Kepler-10b Sound Editing

I have now begun to work on the sounds of Kepler-10b. I’ve made a few subroutines that play multiple sounds at once, fading in and out.. ambience, music, etc. All of these routines were ported from Plains of Sedia (my main project.)  So fortunately for me, today won’t be ridden by programming endless code, but by creating, editing, and saving numerous sounds and music that will allow Kepler-10b to engulf it’s players in a more believable atmosphere.

Currently most of the sound editing is created through FL (Fruity Loops) with sound samples from various open source media archives and personal alike. The sounds are processed and squeezed through Adobe Audition with filters and time constraints to ensure the sizes don’t get too outrageous for a Roguelike. I don’t think anybody would want to download 100+mb RL where 99.9% of the data is all music…

Adobe Audition Editing Soundscape
Adobe Audition Editing Soundscape

I hope everyones projects are meeting success as the week dredges on. I look forward to playing many RL’s for the weeks following the competition.