Deathdealer — Success!

My entry into the 2015 Seven-Day Roguelike Challenge is complete! Deathdealer, an arena combat roguelike with trading card game mechanics, is finished and available for you to play.Deathdealer_screenshot


  • Survive as long as possible against endless waves of fiendishly difficult enemies
  • Mix and match three schools of magic
  • Customize your character’s deck from 69 different cards
  • Vanquish 32 types of enemies, including 6 absurdly lethal boss monsters
  • Unlock new cards every 5 waves to expand your capabilities
  • Simple controls make the game easy to play
  • Advanced ASCII graphics technology for a modern user experience


  • WASD, arrow keys, or vi-keys to move or use menus
  • 1-7 to cast spells from your hand
  • Tab to view enemy information
  • Spacebar or period to wait one turn, to make selections in menus, or to exit the deck builder
  • + and – to add or remove cards from your deck
  • Escape to quit

Known Bugs:

  • Enemy pathfinding is rather weak.
  • Minimum deck size of 20 cards is not enforced, and issues may occur with decks of 7 or fewer cards; please make your decks contain at least 20 cards.
  • No in-game help is available.
  • Completely untested on any platforms other than Mac OS X.

Download Deathdealer for Mac OS X here, or the python source (for any platform with Python) here.

Cinnamon Fins RL Success


Download Cinnamon Fins RL (Windows exe and python source)

resource management game

arrow keys or left click to move
1-6 or left click to use potion
right click for description
? help screen

get to 0 points to win

resources shown on left side of screen: amount/max
move to a tile to add/remove the resources shown
resources taken in order from top to bottom, left to right
if you try to go under 0 or over max resources you will fail and stop

you lose 1 food per move to empty tile, 3 per move otherwise
if food reaches 0, 5 enemies and 5 food are added

read the manual for more details

EDIT: I’m pretty sure all games are winnable with solid play.

Good Game Success

Good Game screenshot

A tactics/strategy game focused on using consumables

gimmicks: number of enemies for each floor is constant, ascii character health representation, potions with a random chance of two effects

after the 7 days I realized I had a bug so I included a post-challenge updated version, no gameplay changes

you can download the latest version or download the 7drl version (both include a windows .exe and python source)

arrow keys: move/attack, numbers:use potion, Esc:exit

read the manual for detailed information, most of it should be apparent from play

Late start, early finish!

Hi all! This year i’m quite busy so i’ll enter with a quick & dirty entry.

Download here [source, makefile and macos build]


Write a list of action [like ‘ddssw’] to plan your moves to reach the exit.

Hit enter when you’re happy and watch the result.

Supported action:

  • w go nort
  • s go south
  • a go west
  • d go east
  • q quit

Map legend:

  • . floor
  • # wall
  • > exit to next level
  • M monster

Bump into a monster to kill them and lose 1 HP.

Happy crawling …. DOCTORS!

Inside Out, Success!

Screen Shot 2013-03-17 at 23.36.29We’ve finally finished Inside Out! We got in almost everything we planned, at least in terms of game mechanics. The game still needs a lot more furniture tiles, and we didn’t get chance to add Adam’s text, which really sets the tone – so we’re hoping to fix all that up for a post-jam version soon.

So if you fancy a bit of creepy survival horror, you can download Windows and Mac versions here:

Let us know what you think!

Day 6 ends – Double Rogue is a success!

Sorry for the lack of updates after day 2, but I never felt the game was quite ready to show it outside IRC with the progress I made in this time. As usual for me, the big portion of playability (like real levels) comes in the last day. As I began Tuesday, the last day was the sixth day.

Alas! The game is finished, and “CubeRL” is now “Double Rogue”. It tells the story of a wizard and a barbarian, sticking together because of an annoying spell. It’s a 3D roguelike, and when I say 3D I mean 3D. See for yourself:

Double Rogue!

There’s still a lot of stuff missing, but now you can (hopefully) play it through. It even has the Amulet of Yendor.

What the game features:

  • turnbased combat, randomness, permadeath
  • six levels with three different “dungeon” types (desert, forest/meadow, stone)
  • 14 enemy types with different behaviors and movement
  • particle effects

Stuff I would like to add some time:

  • sounds and music
  • a minimap
  • balancing …
  • statistics at death/winning

You can play the game on Kongregate! Here are standalone versions (not tested) for

Double Rogue Title