Undertiled [7DRL 2017] [Success]

Download(Windows ,Linux, Mac, WebGL)

Undertiled is a procedurally generated puzzle game. The game consists of 6 randomly generated tile Levels. Your goal is to manage and find the hidden “ladder” tile of each level that will lead you to the next. To do that you need to collect information about the location of the ladder, from the various tile types on each tile map  before your turns go below 0. When you think you know where the “ladder” tile is hiding use the Dig button on that tile to confirm your guess.

This is my first ever “completed” game in playable form, although I want to improve it and polish it more in the near future. I am pretty new to game development and I used the 7DRL challenge as an opportunity to learn more about game programming and force my self to make an actually playable game. I would really appreciate any kind of feedback from you all since I want to know what people think of my work, what I do wrong, what I do right, and how I can improve.

Thanks for your time and I hope you might have a little bit of fun with this small project. Good luck!

P.S. Some important rules that I haven’t included in the in game “Game Rules” section of the current build are:

– The ladder can’t spawn at “Master Tile”.

– The ladder can’t spawn at an “Info Tile”.

– The ladder can’t spawn at the special “Distance” tile.

Void Sanctum – 7DRL 2015, Day 1 report

Alan Charlesworth and I have been slaving on last night and this evening, trying to force progress. While I’ve been working on setting up the technology for zones and areas, making sure Alan’s wordsmithing will present on screen the way he envisions it, Alan has been producing Area and Horizon descriptions non-stop. Prior to the start of the challenge, I also spent a little time pulling in third-party assets and form the meager foundation for making a roguelike game in Unity.

Of important mentions, we’re using Text Mesh Pro for text rendering, ProD Total and Rogue Sharp as a base for our procedural generation, field of view and pathfinding, RPG & MMO UI 2 for UGUI, Icon pack for MYFG and an assortment of icon packs from Digital Worlds JSC for User Interface, Master Audio for all audio needs, Noble Reader when displaying longer texts and Visual Studio for Unity for coding and debugging.

Follow us and watch Alan thread down this road to ruin on YouTube in true roguelike fashion as we try to make a game in seven days!

Previous reports from Void Sanctum, 7DRL 2015:

  • Startup
  • Day 0
  • Chess+ Day Two

    Dungeon generation is complete and bug-free! I’m now working on spawning the appropriate enemies and getting the game loop down.

    It’s even harder to see the checkerboard styling against that dark grey Unity background when your map is zoomed out, but here’s a Very Large Dungeon (much larger than any level I’d want to play) with a more traditional wall/floor coloring.

    Void Sanctum – 7DRL 2015 startup

    As Alan Charlesworth mentioned in our Day 0 report yesterday, we are collaborating in this year’s 7DRL Challenge!

    We are starting now, just around 11 PM GMT, making Void Sanctum.

    We plan to report in here daily and tell of all our failures. Alan aka The Indie Ocean on YouTube, will be recording daily Vlogs (well, perhaps not that often) of his experience too, but will probably edit them and put them online after the week is over.

    Follow us and watch Alan thread down this road to ruin on YouTube in true roguelike fashion as we try to make a game in seven days!

    Previous reports from Void Sanctum, 7DRL 2015:

  • Day 0
  • Chess+ Day One

    This is my first 7DRL, though I’ve done a few other game jams in the past, and a couple roguelikes on my own time (doing a roguelike is basically a rite of passage for game devs, right?).

    I got the idea and started making it at midnight, so I’ll be finished by midnight on March 14, central time. Working on dungeon generation today:

    Got a few bugs, as you can see, but hopefully I’ll get this done today and start in on the really fun stuff tomorrow.

    Legend of Tower – Day 7

    screenshotSorry I didn’t have a lot of words this year. Only two posts and they’re pretty brief. Mike and I did a one week sprint and did probably about a month’s worth of work in that time. Unfortunately, it’s not a Roguelike. But it’s still rather fun and the framework and engine are all really solid. Please, try it out!

    WASD + Mouse – Move
    1,2,3,4 – Use item, Pick up item, Open/Close Doors
    Hold 1,2,3,4 – Drop item

    Please look around and see the results of our effort.

    Legend of Tower – Day 1

    Legend of Tower - Day 1 This year, sadly, I’m not doing another Android roguelike. I’ve teamed up with a college buddy whom I’ve worked with both professionally and at various game jams previously and we’re jumping in full force to do a roguelike in Unity. Well, a roguelike-like. It’ll be action based instead of turn-based and maybe not as much randomization as I’d otherwise like in a roguelike. Still, this week promises to be a lot of fun and I’m excited to see what we end up with.

    In the first day we’ve got a ton of stuff working. We can load map modules from JSON files, run around, have rudimentary enemies and attacks. Graphics are all terrible and mismatched, and calculating pathing is a huge pain. Oh, and as you can see from the screenshot, lighting is non-existent.

    But, we have a solid plan and there were no major roadblocks for the day, so I’m pretty optimistic going forward.