Rogue with Purple Heart – basic infos

Hi guys.

This year, my entry will be simple, quite traditional (but with platformer elements – in *spirit* of game, not in gameplaye mechanics or so) roguelike. It would tells a story about ordinary private who survive (but not without wounds…) ambush by the Vietcong. You have to reach Medevac as soon as possible.

Game will have ‘tunneling’ structure (I don’t know how should I call it – it’s about moving from one board to second board, always from one side to other side) because action will be placed in DFPs (slit trenches) and I want to make this game memorizable by ‘developing’ relationship with player and @.

I would use my good-old-code from HumFallRL and adapt this code for new tasks. And making this ‘adapt-related things’ is my plan for first day. Today I have very little time but I hope I can finish it today…

I would publish updates here on, on my blog and in my own topic on roguetemple forums.