Settler end of day 3

End of Day 3. Did a lot of data structures and stuff today. Also resources are placed, tile yields are worked out. You can toggle resources being displayed and all tile yields. Default is resources on and yields off because yields for every square is a bit much. Also each tile’s yield shows on mouseover anyway. Barbarian camps and citadel (like boss city) are placed and also city states, which basically exist to sell your resources to, via traders.

Couldn’t be bothered writing a text input control so had to make a list of city names which was fun at least.

(BTW Is it just me or is not being posted to as much this year?)

Dead Blinger

I made a stalled attempt at a roguelike before Christmas and not many people seemed interested. Darren Grey in fact spat it out like a dummy when he tried it. This made me rethink what roguelike players really want. Namely running away and gambling for their lives.

Basically you’re all cowards.

So I made a game about running away. It’s also a game that explains why you randomly get treasure from animals in action-RPGs. You play a fragile treasure imp that has been summoned to “tag” all the monsters in the dungeon with treasure. You have to find and hit the rampaging dragon before you can leave.



I used rot.js because I’d always been impressed at the eccentric stuff the author has made – and I wanted try out ascii for once. Fuck me is ascii awesome. Ascii purists have always confused me with their arguments in favour because it just smacks of laziness. And that’s what’s so amazing about it. So many spells and monsters! Features just flying out of my ass. If you’ve put off developing a curses roguelike because of the accessibility I applaud you – but give it a go, it’s reeeally fun. Also javascript – it’s not shit anymore, there’s a lot of little things in HTML5 that fix old weird issues. It’s still not fast, but perfect for curses roguelikes – you can patch edge cases with very little code.

Play – Dead Blinger